Status table for cross use and other things I don't know I need

I saw in a couple of places (videos) where I need to have a status table with my main statuses so I can pull into other tables? Is there a video or instructions on how to do this?

This is something that I would have never have thought of as a newbie to Coda. I don’t know what I don’t know and that is a little scary. I get there is a learning curve (big one, actually).

It’s not a requirement, it just provides you with some nice consistencies.

What you would do is create a table with the necessary statuses, and then in every table where you need to use that information, create a relation column to that table.

Don’t worry about stuff you don’t know, as long as you get the job done to your satisfaction. There are some guys that can make Coda whistle a tune through its nose while chewing gum in its mouth.

But you can still get Coda to do amazing things while you’re learning to do the above.

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

It sounds easy, but I am starting from scratch with Coda (from ClickUp). Notice in the image, I have created what I thought I saw elsewhere (can’t find it). But, there are already statuses pre-built into each table. Where do I change those?

Hi ,

Here is a short video explaining how I typically do statuses:

And here is a link to the document where I created that example:

@Piet_Strydom , thank you so much for taking the time to record the video. I apologize for taking so long to respond. My real job took over! The pack is a great idea and the way I think I will go!

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