Stripe URL for a Webhooks Automation

Hello Community,

Does anyone know how to configure the URL for Stripe in a webhooks automation? I am using the URL only without the API token and the automation is not triggering on Coda.

Also, the CODA HELP document for webhooks falls short when explaining what to do with the data received from Stripe or other external site.

From the HELP docs:

Set up the rest of rule steps. You will be able to reference the webhook payload (JSON object) in later steps as Step 1 Result. For example, if the payload is {“message”: “hello!”}, you can use ParseJSON([Step 1 Result].ToText(), “message”) to get the message value.

Where do you place the ParseJSON formula? In the automation? In a table?’

I would just like to add a row to a table with some static message if one of several events is triggered.

Thank you, in advance.


I’ve set it up in many of my docs

What you actually do is tag this on to the end of your url:

  • ?access_token={your api token}

I’ve also developed a custom stripe webhook parser pack that takes all your data from Stripe and returns it nicely!

I can share that pack with you if you’d like or @Leandro_Zubrezki can add it to his pack and I’ll give him the code

Also kudos to @Leandro_Zubrezki for figuring out this answer in the first plce

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Thank you Scott,

It worked when I added the api token without the {}.

One last question! How would I use the ParseJSON formula in the automation? I am right to think that I can add the formula to the “Then” - “Add row to Table” - “set values” section of the automation to a table column named “message”?

From CODA Help:
if the payload is {“message”: “hello!”}, you can use ParseJSON([Step 1 Result].ToText(), “message”)

If you use my custom pack you don’t have to use parse json!

The pack does it all for you!

All you do is have the action modify a row and insert Step1Result into a column

Then the pack parses that column and returns all your data. Let me know if you want it! I’m not charging or anything haha

Hi Scott,

The custom pack in the gallery has a price associated with it of $2 a month. Let me know if this changes. In the meantime, it seems as if the Webhook documentation should be updated in Coda to explain how to use the data returned from the webhook. Will you or anyone else share the secret? Maybe customer support can weigh in? :grinning:

That’s a different pack entirely - the pack I’m talking about isn’t published anywhere. I’ll just share it privately with you. Offer still stands, it’ll make your life a lot easier!

Otherwise you can do all the parseJson() instead - I can help with that when I’m at computer but have two sick kids right now!

But someone else might help you before then

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Thank you Scott. I will reach out Coda support for the information.

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