Setting up webhooks via pack

Numerous APIs provide native support for creating webhooks directly through their API, such as Stripe (refer to Stripe API documentation on webhook endpoints). It would be extremely convenient if I could configure a Coda webhook directly within the pack. This integration would not only streamline the setup process but also reduce the necessity for frequent synchronization of data, as the API would automatically send updates in real-time as they occur.

Hi Tobias,

Both @Scott_Collier-Weir and @Christiaan_Huizer has packs that will allow you to implement web-hooks.


What the OP is actually asking for is actually a bit different.

This would actually be a request for @Leandro_Zubrezki the creator of the Stripe pack


Thanks for the mention @Scott_Collier-Weir !

@Tobias_Feistmantl there is a section in the Stripe Pack guide on how to register Coda automations to receive incoming Stripe notifications:

This is usually something that you do once and I think the Stripe UI is much better to register them than doing it with a Coda action. What’s your use case? Do you need to create webhooks multiple times?

In 1918 people were paying a premium for fast horses. The market demanded fast horses. Henry Ford gave them automobiles.

The Codans could vastly amplify the nature of Coda webhooks if Packs could - themselves - be webhooks.