Suggestion/request: soft upload button to verify pack compilation

Would be nice to have a Coda CLI script which could run through the upload process up till the point of actually creating a new version and uploading it. This would enable devs to test that the pack compiles/builds properly without issues, without creating a new version and pushing new code to test documents. This is especially useful when debugging an issue that presents only at compile-time, since it otherwise requires repeatedly attempting to upload code that is likely in a broken state or has many debug statements.

Sounds like coda validate <manifestFile> or coda build <manifestFile> is probably the (not yet documented?) command you want.

coda build only catches javascript/typescript errors while coda validate catches both compilation errors and other Pack configuration issues.

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As @David_Weitzman mentioned we do have this capability in the Pack CLI, but not an equivalent in the Pack Studio web editor yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

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