Summarise a table column values, without including filtered results

Hi There!

I have a checkbox table with 10 rows, and four columns (excluding headers, row/column names etc)

I have filtered the table to hide the rows that have a check in all of the columns (these rows are fully “complete”)

The table now shows five rows, with a mix of checkboxes completed, just by looking at the table, there are 3 checks in “Column A”.

I want to count the number of checks in “Column A”, without including values from the rows that are “hidden” as a result of the filter. i.e the “Summary Count” at the bottom of the table shows 8 in this column (5 from the rows that have been checked and hidden, plus 2 from those that are still visible.

Any ideas?

Dear @Joe_Perry,

Welcome to the community🤝

I suggest to create a dummy doc of your scenario and expected outcome.
It has been proven to be the best method to get a solution up to your needs, while avoiding misunderstanding.

I think this is what you mean, but let me know if I miss-interpreted what you are looking for.
It’s not an elegant solution, but it does the trick.