Support of Deeplinks

Sometimes I have additional information in another app. In this example I want to link to a Page, subpage or block in Please add support for this kind of links as well (example below)

I’m trying to understand your ask - are you saying that …

  1. Coda prevents the ability to deep link in other platforms?
  2. Coda doesn’t provide adequate deep linking capabilities?

1 or 2?

Option 2 is valid. The deeplink Dose not Open the doc in Craft.

#2 refers to links inbound to Coda. You are showing something that appears to the be opposite - a link outbound from Coda, right?

If so, your example shows a link that you are expecting Coda to execute and it is prefaced with a custom HTTP protocol (i.e., craftdocs). How do you expect Coda to know about this custom protocol when it is based in the browser, not in Coda itself?

I think you need to provide an immutable URI to the Craft document, not a link by indirection through a custom protocol. This would be tantamount to expecting Google Drive to know exactly how to handle the Coda protocol.

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