Open url with custom scheme?

I’m building an app that links and redirects the user to a Coda doc. After doing some stuff in the doc, the user should then be returned to the app when clicking on a link with a custom scheme, for instance myapp://turkey/sandwich.

Coda is telling me:

Attempting to open an unsafe url - myapp://turkey/sandwich

– Has anyone else run in to this?
– Is there a workaround or a preferred method for opening custom url schemes?

I could open an html page which in turn redirects using javascript but that seems like a hacky solution.

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We’d have to think through these on a case-by-case basis and see if there’s a way to make this happen. This is a similar question…

I think the tough part here and you’re naming your own app, so it’s tougher to add these to a list of allowed protocol identifiers.

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