Linking to Omnifocus projects in Coda

I have a Projects table in Coda that lists the projects that I have stored in Omnifocus (Mac version). Omnifocus allows users to grab URLs for specific projects such as omnifocus:///task/knY8vmufgd5.

If I enter the URL directly into Chrome, Chrome will ask me if I want it to open Omnifocus and then it will go directly to the project in Omnifocus.

In my Project table in Coda, I have a text column called “URL”, and in it I have pasted the URL of each project. Alas, Coda doesn’t seem to recognize it as a URL that it should pass along to the browser. It doesn’t become “clickable”. I’ve tried opening up the field and using the “link” tool, but that doesn’t work either.

Is what I am trying to do possible?

I’m curious about this too. I encountered an issue that I think is related…

I have a doc that uses SVG code to generate an image. I can copy and paste the SVG code into my web browser and I can see the image no problem. (The code starts out like this: data:image/svg+xml,<svg%20width%3D%2...) But when I try to include that same SVG code in a hyperlink or in an Open Hyperlink button, it fails. I’ve noticed that if I plug the SVG code into a hyperlink in Coda, right click on it and choose “Copy URL,” and then paste that into the web browser, suddenly there’s http:// at the front of my code, so it doesn’t work. The same thing happens when I plug in file paths from my desktop into Coda. Is it not possible to link to URLs that do not have an http:// or https:// prefix?

It’s general best practice to only support known protocol identifiers. These can likely be added and we might do this on a case by case basis.

I’ll add a request for each of these for now and we’ll see if it’s a possibility.

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