Support Ukraine

Hi all,

I understand this is not a political forum. However this is a forum of a commnity that supports freedom, civil liberties and democracy. As such I want you and Coda to stand firmly in the defense of these values. Ukrainians have fought for their deomcracy and became part of our world in the last decade. They are now being atacked for wanting to be like us. Russians on the other side don;t know of this freedom. They have been suffering under brutal autocratic regime and forced into submission. It is our duty to fight this evil.

Please, support Ukraine, and let’s all together help make it clear to Coda. Being on the right side of history is never wrong. Support Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

PS. Dear @Paul_Danyliuk and other Ukrainan friends. I know that only yesterday it was your only worry how to bring Coda to more people. I wish you all luck and safety. You have all the love and support from us.


wholeheartedly endorsed and seconded

Please re-phrase this. I understand you may have had good intentions while writing but the subtext is problematic.

Having wholeheartedly endorsed the sentiment expressed above, i would like to know in what way the subtext might be problematic to you @loucadufault ?

Do you find the idiomatic expression used to be a problem ?

We are, in this community, spread widely across the globe, so an expression used in one place, might have other overtones elsewhere.

I took the statement at face value: Ukraine is part of Europe and not a remote enclave. What is happening there is of the highest importance. Those of us in this community of entrepreneural, early adopter, progress pursuing free-minded makers should be free to offer our expressions of support at this difficult time, without entering into politics.

As such I have no problem stating my endorsement of it. If it problematic and needs adjustment for some reason, please give your reasons.

Max Xyzor

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updated: in light of what Nick said below…

My support goes out to those in all situations where the freedoms we live by in this community are suppressed and overthrown by dictators and military forces regardless of where they are in the world.
right now that includes Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria.

Here in Greece we are experiencing the influx of refugees from those conflicts and the heart-breaking stories they carry with them.



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@Xyzor_Max I expect the issue is about what kind of people/places it implies we should care about.

The problematic subtext of the sentence is “we, the users of Coda, living in Europe and North America as we all do, should be worried about this because Ukraine is in a place like ours, not a poorer or politically unstable place that’s already a lost cause and is unrelated to Coda users.”

If you’re a Coda user from Afghanistan, it might not feel great to read that sentence.

(I do think we’re all generally on the same page with the sentiments expressed, but I see the perhaps unintended connotations @loucadufault flagged in that passage in particular)


well i didnt see that particular subtext, but now you point it out, i can understand.

and i am grateful for the clarification.


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well we don’t get offended that easily lol :grin:

Actually we’re only offended at two things:

  1. If someone mistakes Ukraine for Russia or a part of Russia (e.g. “oh, you’re from Ukraine, it’s somewhere in Russia?”)

  2. Calling it the Ukraine. Nope, just Ukraine.

Oh, and when they call it Kiev. It’s Kyiv. For the matter of fact, it’s also Odesa, not Odessa.
So three things really.

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I see how this can be controversial. Removed.

Hi @Tomislav_Mamic, thanks for posting.

We know that this is a challenging time for many people in our maker community, and we hope for a peaceful resolution soon. As one small act of support, we have paused payment requirements for makers based in Ukraine. In addition, we are offering donation matching to employees who donate to causes providing humanitarian aid in the region. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the war in Ukraine, and we are grateful for a respectful, and compassionate community like this one that shares our values.