The order openwindow and openrow are executed

Hi all,

I have a button which uses runactions to wrap two actions, sequentially:

  1. open a window
  2. open a specific row on the table(which is a view of a table)

The problem I ran into is, despite the sequential order specified in formula, the openrow() functions seems to always get executed first, resulting in a pop-up quickly disappearing into a page

Any idea how to fix that?

Maybe you could try the experimental _Delay() formula to make it wait a bit with opening the row :slight_smile:


Can you share the doc?

Thanks! _delay solved the issue. So it seems that runactions does start the actions simultaneously, however it does not wait for the first one to finish before starting the next one. Interesting

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Hey Scott, thanks for helping! the issue is resolved with _delay() function. Thanks!

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