Think in Coda, unlearn Excel and Word

One of the comments I frequently make to new Coda users, is that they need to unlearn the Excel, Word and Windows Folders brain structures that they have acquired over the years.

In this video I compare the way we used to work BC (Before Coda) with what Coda enables us to do.

I do not suggest that you need to follow the approach that I have followed.
I do not suggest that it is the best approach to follow.
I do suggest that you consider how radically different Coda is compared to Excel, Word and other traditional concepts that we are used to.

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with Coda, and what it enables you to do. Be willing to build two, three or even more prototypes, especially if you are trying to do anything relatively complex. The doc I am showing in the video is in around it’s fourth incarnation.

Coda styles itself as the evolution of the document. From a complexity theory point of view, I would like to suggest that it is a phase transition. Just like oxygen and hydrogen in certain instance undergoes a phase transition into water, a Coda document can (and should?) be as different from Excel and Word, than what water is from hydrogen and oxygen.

Enjoy, and let’s see what you Coda!


Generative AI is very good with translations. If you combine this work with the unlearning process, the transition could be softened measurably for new Coda users.