Timezone is missing India timezone

I guess that just hourly timezones got listed.
But seriously missing whole of India - +5:30

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Hello Vikas, thanks for reporting.

IST is not supported yet, I have filed this issue to our internal tracking list.


@Jesus_Guzman where/how do we get notified when IST is added to the timezone list?

America/Sao Paulo is also missing, but there’s another GMT-3 available…
It’d be nice to have it

I have tied this post to our internal tracker, once it gets done, I will let you know by this entry.


Hello Adriano, We have heard this request from many users and I’ve have bumped it up on our roadmap. We appreciate your feedback, but we don’t have a timeline for releasing better support right now.

For now it’s good to hear you have another time zone available that matches yours.

Best Regards!

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