GMT +06 timezone

I just found out that there’s GMT +5, and GMT +7 for timezones, but there’s no GMT +6 timezone. Which is kinda headscratching. I’m in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and we use GMT +6. Frankly, any other +6 timezone would work for me, it’s just that I’ll now have to choose either +5 or +7 :frowning:

Is this on the roadmap?

This is definitely something that we are looking to fix, it just turns out to be a somewhat difficult problem to solve. It’s a known issue and we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.

I don’t doubt you saying it is, but (as a coder myself) legit curious why?

A datetime library that Coda uses has a bug in it, and due to the way Coda decided to represent datetime values internally certain timezones like those that use fractional offsets or those that have non-standard historical changes will not work correctly. There are ways to represent datetime values that will not manifest this bug, but for reasons specific to our implementation these are time-consuming changes that we have not been able to invest in just yet, but we will eventually correct this.

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Okay, I see. That’s because Coda stores date/times as number of days since 1/1/1900 with fractions, and that messes up historical time shifts etc. But you got DST shifts working somehow, or didn’t you?

I believe we did and that it’s connected to how the library tracks the shifts over the time period.