Handling time-zone issues for non-listed timezones

Hey guys! I live in India and use the IST (+5:30) timezone. This is one of the time-zones not supported yet by Coda.

However, I found a very simple set of hacks to solve this problem.

Note: I’m assuming the timezone has been set to GMT or +0 hrs.

I am looking at 3 use cases here.

  1. Time used in a normal document

  2. Time used inside a table

  3. Time used with a pack

  4. The solution for the first case has been documented before.
    Create named formulae on Coda anywhere in the document with the following syntax.

TimeAdjust() = Hours(5) + Minutes(30) + Seconds(1)
NowLocal() = Now() + TimeAdjust()

Use NowLocal() instead of Now() to get current time.

Please note the extra 1 second added in the formula. This is needed (I assume) to counter the round-off error while converting the time into epoch time that is used in databases to store time.

  1. When using time inside a table, create two columns. ‘time’ and ‘localtime’

In the column ‘localtime’ use the formula =time - TimeAdjust()
Use the time column for entering values and localtime for automation.

  1. Time columns in a pack

Add the TimeAdjust() function to the time columns in the tables and you’ll be good to go.

While this solution is not perfect and will have its quirks, these will make it easier for everyone in unsupported timezones to use Coda while the team readies Coda for all timezones.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there are other use cases that aren’t solved. I’ll be happy to give them a go.


Thank you @mittuled for this write up. Appreciate you helping others!