API date/datetime values will soon be in the doc timezone

The Coda API has so far returned datetime and date values in Pacific time. These both use ISO-8601 datetime strings including timezone offsets, so technically all of the information was available to recover a value in whatever timezone was desired, but it certainly wasn’t intuitive and involved extra hassle.

Starting this coming Monday, September 26, the API will begin returning datetime and date values in the timezone of the doc instead of Pacific time. These are still ISO-8601 datetime strings with timezone offsets, so the underlying UTC values are not changing. The returned strings should just better match user expectations. We hope that not many cases are relying on the old quirky datetime output that cannot be easily updated.


Great! Sounds like we’re getting closer to proper localisation, one step at a time :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, I think this is a good call.

In future if we could request a little more lead time on potentially breaking API changes though, that would be appreciated :wink: While probably an easy change, I’m not sure I’ll be by my machine in time to prevent interruption in a production app.


Very fair, we’ll try to give more lead time going forward!

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