ToDateTime() Displaying as Decimal Value

Hi there - super new to Coda… but I searched and couldn’t find any other posts that mention this.

I’m trying to use ToDateTime() to display a Date and Time field as well, a Date and Time. However, the value returned is something like 43830.3333333333333333 instead of “12/31/19 8:00 AM”. Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

Thank you!

Looks like Date and time is already a timestamp type — no need for ToDateTime(). Just append as is or with .ToText().

Additionally, don’t use ToText() for Contact — instead dereference the exact column that you need, e.g. Contact.Name.

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Hi @Alli_Alosa and welcome to Coda community!

As I was typing, @Paul_Danyliuk already pointed out some useful suggestions.

I’d also add to use either Concatenate() ( or Format()( functions to concatenate text.

Sometimes the “+” used for string concatenation acts quirky.

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@Paul_Danyliuk and @Federico_Stefanato, thanks so much for the helpful input! Still getting the hang of the ins and outs :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

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