Tooltip popping up in the center makes working more difficult

Hi, as you all know, when working with Coda, after making changes to a column, a helpful popup comes up at the bottom, showing what has changed and where. It even stays long enough so that I don’t miss it, which I appreciate a lot.

The problem is, since it pops up at the bottom center of the screen, it almost always interferes with my work whenever I’ve also right clicked on a column. I’d have to wait till it disappears (sometimes there’s more than 1 tooltip coming after the other), or close it.

I feel like just moving it to the bottom left/right or the top corner would solve this issue. Hate to give a comparison to another product (since I actually prefer Coda now), but Airtable places it in a less intrusive position.

I’ve given a screenshot comparison. For reference, I use a standard 15" laptop, with 1366 x 768 resolution. I use Chrome and Windows 10, and keep my bookmarks tab and Windows taskbar visible, and that’s it. I sometimes also use it as a Chrome app shortcut, which gives me slightly more screen real estate, but not enough to alleviate this issue.

Hope you guys will look into it, if its already not on your roadmap.

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