Top Suggestion: Deep link or search results issue

Hello Coda Team!

I have several top suggestions that I hope others will agree would be extremely useful.

  1. When sharing deep links in a section with text OR clicking on a search result, it will often drop a new user in the section with the selected item all the way at the bottom of the browser (rather than top) or even sometimes entirely out of view. So it becomes difficult to see the text where intuitive/expected and causes us to search over and over - compounded by the fact that CODA takes over control+F functionality unless you know how to get around this;

On the contrary, when linking to a table, the search results bring up the proper section with no issues, and highlights it and places it exactly where you’d expect.

  1. Also you have to move around with the keyboard and press enter to go to a searched section, clicking on it with the mouse doesn’t work. This seems to confound a lot of people.