Transactional import: why RunActions() can't be within WithName()?

The recent introduction of WithName() opened a wide spectrum of activities that before could be only achieved with significant workarounds.

However - as @Breno_Nunes noted some time ago (Help with nested loops and the new WithName() formula) - apparently it’s not possible to use RunActions() within the WithName() expression formula.

Question is:
1: Why?
2: Can somebody help me to find an alternative solution for this simplified use-case?

(Requirements and details are explained in the doc)

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Federico_Stefanato,

I just posted on the other thread you referenced, but I’ll reply here as well for visibility. The TLDR is that this is a bug, I have a fix and it should deploy on Monday.

A point of confusion here is that the Coda Formula Engine and Action Engine are two independent systems. The formula language has formulas in it which return actions but does not run them. The action engine executes actions, which may or may not have been generated by the formula language. In this manner the formula language never has side effects and can be re-run an unlimited times without harm.

RunActions is one of our more advanced meta actions that basically says defer the evaluation of my expression parameters. Then it bundles up those formula expressions into a payload. The bug here was that we were not passing all of the context needed to support WithName in this payload for the action engine to execute the deferred expression inside of RunActions .

Sorry about missing this. It should be fixed shortly.


Hi @Jason_Tamulonis,
I’m sorry I missed your answer altogether.

So thank you twice for your patience and the good news :slight_smile: