WithName still buggy

I wrote a while ago that formulas with WithName() and RunActions() were buggy.

Well I think they still are.
I’m getting many Cannot convert value to specified format errors.
I wrote a dummy doc bellow to show my case.
I created a formula that copies data from one table to another and it marks the source data as archived.
I’m quite aware that WithName() can be omitted in this formula. Please, understand that this is a dummy doc. My real case is more complex;

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Hi @Breno_Nunes :blush: ,

I’ve copied your sample (Thanks for sharing :raised_hands: !) and indeed, there’s something not ideal here :thinking:

Still, I’ve found workarounds for the Cannot convert value errors you get :blush:

For your Checkbox, instead of just using line.checkbox I’ve used :

If(line.checkbox = false,False(),True())

And for the date line.[Date formatted] :

line.[Date formatted].ToDate()

I’m sorry I can’t help you more here :sweat_smile: : All I can see is that it seems like for both of the “problematic” columns, their promised values seems to be interpreted as simple text …

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Hi, @Pch .
Thank you for your help.
I’ve just found another issue.
If Date column in Source table is blank, you get the same error. This can be “fixed” using .IfBlank(""), still it’s a very odd behavior.

It is fairly inconsistent and not very reliable :thinking:

The problem is I understand why you insisted on letting us know that this is just a dummy doc and you know WithName() can be omitted here but suppressing it from the formula does seem like the actual solution… at least to get rid of those inconsistencies :blush:

Now as you also said that your use case scenario is more complex, maybe you could try to contact the support directly, through Intercom with your actual doc ? :blush:
(So they could take a look at what you’re effectively trying to accomplish with WithName() here)

I mean, without knowing why you really need your button to work the way it does (in the dummy doc) it’s a bit hard to help you debug it :blush:

I’m sorry, once again, to not be of much help here :blush:

Hi, @Pch. My idea here when I posted was only to report a bug.
As you mentioned, there are ways to bypass it and I’m currently using them in my doc.
Thank you very much for your help anyway.