Help with iterative FormulaMap/WithName issue

Some great new tools have been added since I was last doing serious work here, and I love them but am still learning them. I have run into an obstacle…
I have tables with look-up columns with multiple entries, and for various purposes I need to “unroll” them in places. So a button with the formula:

works exactly as I expect it to. Yay!

But then I need to do another loop, through another table. For each course the Class Format Prefs lists a number of format options, and I want each in its own row. The first time I ran the formula I got the right number of rows but each row had all the formats instead of just one. The second time it just didn’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of things that haven’t worked, and below is my best understanding of what I think I need. But it is obviously wrong because it doesn’t work. Help!

Just in case this helps: a different version with Lookup instead of Filter:

Which gives this output:

Which is close, but I don’t understand why it has multiple formats in each row, instead of spooling it out as a row for each. I am missing something here.

Never mind, I think I solved it. I had one of those “This isn’t a list, it is a list of lists” that I forgot happens all the time in Coda, and a ListCombine() fixed it.

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