Trying to display a linked table but forgets after refreshing data

Am hoping someone could point me in a direction for this. What I’m trying to achieve is notes per row of a table, but with the data being cleared and updated frequently.

Main table is a list of legislative bills. Name column is bill number, each unique with a bill name (ab1, sb25). But this list gets cleared and updated with new information, otherwise could just create a notes column and everything would be set.

What I’ve tried .
Since the main table needs refreshed all the time, I created a second table, with the name column being linked to the name column of the main table, adding a column from the options to the main table, which displays correctly. This works, until I clear the main table and paste in new data. Then the name column goes blank.

I’m puzzled and lost because I’ve used a similar approach to filter the data with tags and it worked for making reports using filtered views.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.