Unable to click on a rating in card view on Mobile

The problem:
One can’t click on a Rating when displayed in Card view on the Coda mobile app.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Create a Table1 and Table2
  2. In Table2 enter create a text column and a Rating column
  3. Refer Table2 in Table1
  4. Display Table2 as card with Rating (scale) column visible
  5. Open Coda app on Mobile (either Android or iOS)
  6. Go to Table1 and try to click on the Rating without expanding the card from Table2. Important: do not open the card; try to apply a rating before expanding the card.

Expected behavior is that it works like on Desktop = one can click on the rating without having to open the card.

Hello @Stefan_Stoyanov ,

If you want someone to look at this type of issue, please make and share a dummy doc - that way you are inviting people to check out this issue and perhaps back your suggestion or even offer a solution. What exactly do you call a rating? A scale? And what does it do when you click on it?

That said, I agree there is a lot to be desired for mobile, but the mobile experience is not (and probably never will) be the exact same as on a desktop. As far as scales go, for (mobile) use you could add an increase and a decrease button for mobile use.

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Joost, in this case I am not looking for help. This is a bug and if Codans show interest in fixing it then I will likely create a dummy doc. Until then, that’s the best I can achieve on mobile (not having a chance to use laptop these weeks).

As always I am thankful for the suggestion. Although I agree about the different Desktop to mobile experience, this particular one is quite odd and against logic, IMHO and according to all other apps’ UX.

Don’t need to take any more of your time. If Codans are interested in improving this, they can reach out.