Unwrap Text, but show as much as possible

When there is a large entry in a row (e.g. an image) and you choose “unwrap text” on a different column, the text shrinks to only one line. I would want the text to display as much as possible, but just not exceeding the current height of the row.
This is a minor thing, but maybe worth a look. What do you think?

Hi @Tibor_Volcker,

One option that might work for you is creating a second column to be used as a display column for the table and use a formula like [Text Column].Left(100) to only take the first 100 characters.

You can also combine this with Concatenate() to add something to show that there is more if they click into the cell…

Concatenate([Text Column].Left(100), " ... ")

The row modal popup can also be customized, so you could hide this column for the row popup view but show it in the table.

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