Unwrap Text in Tables Doesn't Support Line Breaks

Trying to replicate the Clip display mode for wrapped text from Google Sheets I discovered that UnWrap text shows up as multiple lines if the text has line breaks.

To Reproduce

  1. Create a new table. I’ve made one that looks like this:
  2. Name one of the columns Description (Not necessary to reproduce, but helps give context for where this would happen).
  3. Paste some long-ish text with multiple line breaks into a few cells in the description column. I’ve copied some lorem ipsum below for testing:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean tincidunt ante quis lectus dapibus dignissim. Vestibulum interdum cursus leo, at euismod velit ultricies vitae. Nunc a ultrices diam.

Curabitur sit amet consequat augue. Quisque cursus tellus at purus euismod, nec aliquam urna vulputate. Nam eget efficitur ante.

Fusce ultricies auctor risus vitae sagittis. In pellentesque ex dictum, pulvinar orci vel, vestibulum orci. Ut ultrices, lorem pretium maximus maximus, sem odio facilisis elit, vitae malesuada enim justo vel augue. Nullam quam mi, suscipit nec auctor in, congue at risus.

Aliquam vulputate tellus sit amet dui pretium, vel dapibus nibh mollis. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nulla pellentesque, ligula in finibus lacinia, purus ex ullamcorper massa, tempor luctus est nibh non mi. Sed eget sem eget neque viverra luctus.

Aliquam vulputate enim sed gravida tristique. Cras ultricies consectetur turpis, eget luctus neque volutpat at. Curabitur risus odio, sagittis sit amet suscipit pretium, lobortis sit amet ligula. 

As you can see the text is far too long to reasonably fit in a table display.
4. Right click on the Description column header and activate Unwrap text

BUG: Multiple lines of text are still visible.

EXPECTED: The text cuts off after the first line reaches the right-edge of the column.



We’ve got this in our notes. It’s more a matter of what the expected outcome should be and this might be a better fit for a table.

Thank you for the feedback!

Glad to hear it @BenLee. Thanks for the speedy response!

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It’s a big issue for me, as I use lots of long text columns, they are wasting so much space. How am I supposed to manage a table when one single row takes the whole page? :smiley:

But I like the idea of having a glimpse of each line, so you better have an overall understanding of the whole text, like the current behavior.

A good compromise could be to have new property to let you set the maximum number of lines to be displayed in the cell when text is unwrapped (ideally with a formula). So you can either have a single line cell (even when your text features line breaks) or show a limited amount of lines.





I’d like to also be able to set the “Preview Line Height” for text columns in the column settings dialog modal. :smiley:

Importantly, upon entering a cell for editing I would want it to return to its normal size for the duration of such focus, and NOT require the user to open up the Big Cell modal in order to see the full text. @BenLee

@BenLee Just to add another voice, I have some kind of UX improvement for this on my wish list too. For scalability, I think a nested set of options would be nice, so something like:

  • Display
    • Wrap / Unwrap (current functionality)
    • Minimize (proposed functionality)
    • Link (what I really want!)

Link is really what I want here, be it fixed text “open modal” or a button with an icon. My use case is using the modal editor for meeting notes, so I don’t even need to see a snippet, I just want to easily be able to click to open and not rely on cmd-shift-E or hunting down that little expand icon at the bottom of a variable height cell.

To keep my tables tight and scannable I need to hide the notes column entirely which makes it even harder to get to where I’m going.

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@BenLee Is there any updates on this?