Use Group Count in Formula


Is there a way hide a group if the count is over a certain number? Or use the group number in any way?

So the group EventName has a count of 120, so I’d want to hide that all those rows. Is that possible?

Hey there! You totally can do so

I would use a formula something like this:

In my example, Eye Color was the column I was grouping and wanted to hide. You can view that document in action, see its formulas, etc below!


Thanks Scott. Could you elaborate on what exactly is happening in this formula? I’ve tried to use it, and tried a few different variations on it, but it keeps either not working or giving me an error.


This is what I’m using, but it ends up hiding everything. I’m not sure if this is an issue due to the fact I have two groupings (Date & EventName), or maybe because I’m applying the filter to a view and not the original table?

Hey Sam! can you share a copy of the doc? Or a paired-down copy of your document so I can help you trouble shoot?

Much easier to see what is going on that way!

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