Hide counts in groups

I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

When grouping a table along the left side, each group has a number representing the count. Can I hide this? It doesn’t respond to the column’s Summarize settings.

Hi @Nick_HE, you should be able to right-click on the group and choose “Hide/show row counts”.

We’re always looking to make these things easier to find— are there any other places you checked where you expected to see it?

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Aha. That makes sense. I think I tried right-click while the page was locked (yielding browser right-click menu), and then never thought to check again when unlocked.

I suppose it’s not always clear to me which elements can be right-clicked, as many things in Coda are accessible from a dropdown caret or a hover-to-reveal-buttons. But you have a ton of functionality to include so I know you have to fit it all somewhere! :slight_smile:

Actually I think the place I would have expected it was the shaded triangle to the left of “3” in your screen shot, but I assume that’s to open a select list if the grouped column is type select.

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