Buttons in groups are disabled

Hey Coda team,

since earlier this week, column buttons get disabled when the column is used as a group.
100% reproductible: create a table, create a button typed column, make it a group, button can’t be clicked anymore.

Would love for this to be fixed…


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I’m guessing it’s disabled because the value of thisRow is ambiguous. Could at least enable the button if the formula doesn’t contain thisRow!

It’s an interesting use case - The buttons are even grouped properly by their label so that’s nice

It was perfectly working just a few days ago :wink:

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So how did it work when clicked and it was using thisRow? Did it run the action for all rows within the group or something?

The buttons did not use thisRow, else I suppose it would have given different buttons, hence different groups. Their action was rather to open a row, or go to a page, or change a the value of a select control.

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