Using a button column to group by?

Hi everyone,
I have buttons that have a different label and when I use a button column to group my rows, the rows are all grouped together (see below “View of Days grouped by buttons”) while I would like one group per label (like what I get when I group by “Time” in the “View of Days grouped by time and buttons”).

Is there a way to do it?

Hi @Lois_Boutrash :slight_smile:
I think that what you are looking to accomplish could be done but I’m not sure i’ve understand your situation correctly, could you please tell us a little bit more about your goal? Or, could you share an editable copy of your doc?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I was able to hack this by rendering a button within a text field with a hidden formula, then adding as many spaces as there are hours:

This sorta works if you only have a few options and integer hours, but exploration in this direction could help you find a more generic solution.

Overall I think that grouping on a button in your case is a bad idea. You don’t know for which of the Action rows that button would click (usually it’s either the first or the last, I don’t remember)

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@Mario I want to be able to generate a button containing the attribute of a column and keep the buttons distinct when I use this button column to group the cell. To play with the doc I share open the doc I shared and make a copy in your own doc (this is what @Paul_Danyliuk did).

@Paul_Danyliuk Thanks a lot, it’s a great idea! Because my “time” column is not always in the “xh” format I had to tweak your solution a little by adding a column by using find(thisRow.Time, list("4x45'", "2x45'", "45'", "15' 1", "15' 2", "15' 3")) and using this in the Repeat. Also I’m not worried by the question of “which of the Action rows that button would click” because I always have only one button of each type.

@Lois_Boutrash ups i’ve made mistake, all the latest publishing feature led me into thinking that you had blocked copy :sweat_smile: (i was just viewing anonimously lol…)
Anyway it seems that the Legendary @Paul_Danyliuk have solved your problem, amazing community! :heart_eyes_cat:

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