Using a form to submit multiple rows

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there’s a way to use a form to input more than one result to a table? I know you can reuse the form, but I’m looking to see if there’s a way to do it in one form before submitting.

Use case: “timesheet” form where person works on more than one project per day, so form should allow for multiple projects with hours per project.

It’s almost like a form within a form (or table within a table), which I know is doable in both detailed view (sort of) and canvas view, but neither translates to form view as far as I can tell.


see this topic:

essentially no :frowning:

Thank you. I was afraid that was the answer but thought I’d ask in case I missed something.

I’m looking to do similar. If I find a solution, I will update you.

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It’ll have to be through an API because what you’re asking to do is counterintuitive to coda logic. One form submission = one row, is the design that was chosen when they built coda

I myself would do the following in your situation:
(1) Create custom form in the language of your choice
(2) Link your custom form up with some custom code. The logic should be that when form is submitted, it runs a program - a series of code in the background
(2.5) Your series of code should be something like this:
A) Find the doc that you want to modify and point to it Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation
B) Find the table that you want to modify
and point to it Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation
C) Create multiple insert row requests based on your logic desired Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation

Unfortunately, this is going to require some time to implement and test. Best wishes

Thank you and likewise.

Got it and thank you.

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