Using multiple cross-docs to reduce size of large docs and increase performance

I am looking for some feedback on best practices regarding large docs and cross-docs. I currently have a “Clients and Projects” doc for our construction company that syncs a lot of project information through Zapier, from quotes to invoices, permits and inspections and transactions. Before I deleted as much information as I could, the doc had 14K rows and failed to open up on a mobile device. We have about 6 different departments that interact with the doc, so I also have a lot of views and it again started to fail opening up on a mobile device even though I got down to about 8K rows. Many of our guys are out in the field and referencing their docs on a mobile device is important.

I currently use a lot of cross docs to sync information but I was thinking about creating separate docs for all the different pages (invoices, quotes, transactions, hours, etc) and different departments and syncing those. I’m wondering if I have every doc heavily dependent on cross-docs if it will just cause more headache that benefit. It will certainly be more work to mimic each view, conditional formatting, etc but it might help me get the doc in the range of optimal performance.

The other option is to kind of wait out performance for Coda handling large docs.