Vertically align Icon and Name

Trying to concatenate an image with a text but the vertical align is off, any idea to get it to cooperate?
I’m trying to have an icon for each row to make an easy visual distinction like Notion :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: does

Here’s my doc

One way to get the alignment you wish is to use the hidden Card function, but it has its own problems: large padding especially in the bottom, and clicking on it opens up the row

Can’t think of any other reliable trick that would push the baseline. There were some but they stopped working.

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Cool thank you! Visually it’s perfect but it opening a view-specific layout when clicked doesn’t work for me, I want it to open the source layout everytime like a normal reference. That’s actually a bit weird isn’t it? Is that by design?

I updated the doc based on your reply (Also figured out how to embed :slight_smile: (Would be nice not to share my entire Experiments table though ))

Oh just writing :icon: inside the name is what I was looking for:

I think this will work only with the standard emojis.
if you have an image and you want to combine it with text, the best way for now is to use Card function.

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