Very RAW product and very bad support. But actually software is promising and I like to work in it! BUT! it had all the time some simple problems and no normal support, Very disappointing

I want to use my pro plan. What is wrong with your payment system. I experienced user! Should be fast support if customer want to pay you money! I already add other payment card but it is your system with bugs. I use Coda for work. Fix it faster please. check my acc every time I paying and see that your product is RAW in many things but at least you can give good support. For now it is very slow and incompetent

Hello :),

Did you at least try to contact the support? Comments to highlight problems is one thing but criticizing without trying to solve the problem with the people concerned is useless here.

Regarding the incompetent support as you say, every time I used their system, the answers were provided in a reasonable time, do not forget that these people do not have a single customer to satisfy. And on top of that, you have people from different countries so it’s impossible to answer every user directly within a minute.

I’m sorry to answer you this way but I have worked in a call center and people too often take it out on these people who are doing their best to help us with the means they have.




Off course. But it is really not easy to get support. Bot is everywhere. For me it is big problem. I am working using coda to manage different projects. I like it like tools. BUT! it is really raw. 4 month have paid bills. and now it stuck. and no have any easy solution as other services

Also. It is about business! not about to be nice! After I try to get to them few hours my passion gone. I want to pay money and can not. Nothing fun in it. I using Siteground, Holsinger, Facebook adv, Norton - all have quick and great support. support team is nightmare for me compare to them. 24 hour gone and they still did not solve easy problem

I tried to pay even more expensive plan, but again it is inactive. And if I do not like this product I will be gone already as many people did.
But I really like

I understand your reaction and it is their duty to do what is necessary to solve your problem and especially that it is not in their interest here because they lose money.

I think that despite everything remain correct towards these people who do their best to help as quickly as possible even if they put a lot of time in relation to other services like Facebook etc…

It’s all a matter of budget and how many people were hired to respond to customers, but a 24 hour turnaround should be a maximum and a phone support would be a solution for customers in a hurry.

The frustration of the problems does not help to calm the situation at all and I understand it perfectly especially when you use a product professionally.

That said, we can try to find a solution together. Have you tried with another browser?
If so, empty the cache of this one and when you choose your coda plan check your banking information.

Best regards,


Dear @Mike_S83 ,

Sorry to understand your frustrations about the support.

The help desk is only open during the normal working hours in the Pacific time zone of San Francisco, what is not ideal when you are located in an area with many hours difference, like me.

Let’s hope soon it will be solved and you will be able to enjoy this great ever evolving tool :fire:

@John_Coda, please could you assist? :relaxed:


Can You help me out somehow?
I really struggling!!! Support is doing nothing. I can not work

They promise to reset but didn’t. Looks like they have not enough staff. Also my team members all 3 people complain that from iOS and android it is crashing.
But from PC I can do my job. Really it is already 3 days and very unprofessional support.

(Your payment is still processing. Please check back later.) this I see every new day.
I clean cookies (and it is not good form me if you have many services with 2 step aut-f.) no ADV blockers. No incognito mode
I sent them screens with my browser info and system

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Hello @Mike_S83

I’m thinking of a solution that is not really a solution, but there is a sponsorship solution that offers you 10$ per registration.
That could already allow you with 2 or 3 members to pay your pro plan.

You find in the billing part at the bottom, a button to refer



I don’t think you guys suck :slight_smile:…. @Mike_S83 deep breathes coda will work it out with you. Maybe not instantaneously though…

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U not looking screens I attach or messages I copy. Option to pay is inactive. It is bug. After it fail to reach my primary card. and some how did not use my back up card. I try to pay yearly or better more expensive plan. it is disabled! Your payment is proceeded or smth like that. Stuck. Support promise to reset it. and didnt

Please address the issue with your last payment before making updates.
our payment is still processing. Please check back later.

it is 4 days for now after I contact live support. not bot. Bot is useful

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Hey Mike, thanks for writing in to our community. Our team is still working on your account and we have not completed that investigation yet. To protect your privacy, we’ll follow up with you in regards to your billing issues in the chat. Thank you!