View all data points in a scatter plot

I’m trying to make a simple scatter plot and unfortunately, all data points are not showed, they are grouped if they have the same value on the horizontal axis. We can choose if we want to display the count, the average, the min, … of the values, but I would like to plot all the points in order to see their dispersion.

Here is an exemple:

There are 2 points with a horizontal value of 2, and it’s not possible to plot they both, I can only plot a statistical value of theses 2 points.

An alternative could be to plot several statistical values, like the min, the max and the average, but it doesn’t seem possible either. If I try to add a second value to plot in the chart options, i can’t select Vertical axis anymore, as it’s already selected once.

Dear @Mathieu_BABEL,

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The horizontal axis identifier needs to be unique and can be achieved as in the sample below:

Thank you for your answer.
It’s not really what I’m looking for. In your exemple, the different values of on a Horizontal axis value are still combined and the sum is plotted. That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

If I use the exemple values of my first post, here is what I’d like to plot:
Scatter good

Dear @Mathieu_BABEL,

Yes, you are right and to be honest for the moment I don’t know how to solve this in Coda. There might be someone in the community with more experience on this, let’s see.

Otherwise, get in touch with the Codans at