Launched: Optional Aggregate Values for Charts

Thanks to our awesome Coda Community, we were made aware that Bubble and Scatter charts were aggregating the y-axis values in order to show distinct points on charts when the x-axis values were equal, and that this isn’t always the intended way to visualize data in these types of charts.

So what’d we do? We added an option for your charts so that you can choose whether or not values are aggregated. Get ready for a new era of Bubble and Scatter charts in Coda!

New bubble and scatter charts will default to having the “Aggregate Values” setting toggled off moving forward. Existing charts will remain unchanged unless you manually update this setting.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!


Hi this is an awesome feature. Is there some way I can customize the colors for each category?

Ideally I’d like it to match my table’s conditional formatting

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Thanks for your feedback. It’s something we’re considering as part of our future roadmap.