Assign default colors to categories in charts for consistent visualizations

Hey Coda Community and Team!

@luisa_lopes and I work creating dashboards that serve a multitude of purposes, and visual consistency in our reports is crucial for readability and professional presentation. One of the challenges we currently face involves the color consistency in our charts and graphs.

As it stands, Coda assigns colors from a default palette to categories in charts and graphs. This becomes problematic when filtering through multiple projects, as each filter adjustment can shuffle the colors (unless we manually set them for each specific scenario). This process is not only time-consuming, but can also lead to errors/inconsistencies in our reports.

So, we propose a feature where users can assign a “default” color to each category within a table column. This color assignment would then reflect in the charts that use these categories, ensuring visual consistency across different views and filters.

By having this, we would eliminate the need to manually set all colors for each view, for every filter, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. It would enable us to create clean, but deep and meaningful reports with amazing speed.

Thank you for considering this! It would greatly improve our experience with Coda :upside_down_face: