Graph does not plot points with a value of Zero properly

I noticed that whenever I’m plotting a graph with multiple tracked columns, and there are overlapping zeroes, the graph does not plot correctly. Those points get skipped entirely and not plotted at all, and the line traces to the next available non-zero point instead.

Sample doc reproducing the problem

Hi @Andre_Pong :grin: and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m not sure this is a bug :blush: … Unless you’ve aggregated your values in the Chart Options :thinking: .

The chart seem to skip some values because your values are the same in your Column 2, Column 3 and Column 4 … The zeroes (0) are the not problem here :blush: … It’s just the fact that your values are the same :blush: .
Which is why you should toggle On the Aggregate values in the Chart Options to combine those exact same values into a single data point :blush: .

Here’s a sample where I somehow reproduced your setup :blush: .

The first chart display the values from the table but with the Aggregate values toggled Off. The second one has Aggregate values toggled On. In that chart, the “skipped” values will be plotted :blush: .


Hey @Pch !

Thanks for the help! I don’t understand why you’d want to skip points in the graph when not aggregating values, but this workaround works for my current use case since I’m already doing a custom aggregation into a column before feeding that value into the graph, so I can use a SUM without issues.

Also, cheers for the heads up on it being duplicate values and not just zeros. I’ll have to pay attention to that going forward too!

No problem @Andre_Pong :grin: !

I honestly don’t either :sweat_smile: … but I’ll admit that Charts in Coda could benefit from some general improvements (IMHO) :blush: .

I’m very glad to know the workaround did the trick :grin: :wink: !