Anyone having issues with Chart view when adding columns?

I’ve got a table that I’d like to visualize as a chart, however when I click chart then attempt to configure my values and add columns, coda seems to bug out. I simply have 3 employees represented by a 5 star scale. When I set value to add of report and attempt to add each employees column, coda starts duplicating employee 1, then when I switch it to employee 2, it adds more employee two columns. Then if I try to delete the duplicate employee columns, it deletes them all. I’ve never had this issue before…is it me or is Coda acting up?

Hey @Dustin_Good1 ! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you’re running into these issues. This does sounds like some buggy behavior. Can you please reach out to Support by clicking the “?” in the bottom right hand corner of your Coda doc and report this bug so we can attempt to reproduce the issue?:

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Thanks @Shaina_Torgerson , I’ll be sure to contact support if I run into the issue again.

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