"View Only" permissions should be just that, nothing more

I was surprised to see the ability to print a document that I was given “View Only” access to.

I could easily print it, OCR it, then have all the data. Sure, a bit of a pain, but if I feel the info is worth it, it can be mine for the taking.

Any option besides simply viewing (Saving a copy, Printing) should be off by default and let the person sharing the info decide if they want to allow these extra options.

If something is displayed on the screen, then anyone can capture it. I think you’re suggesting that removing the print button would prevent this somehow, but data is already for there for the taking as soon as you gave them the ability to render it on their screen. They could simply capture the screen (built in feature of all mainstream devices) and run through OCR. Then there are all the other ways someone a bit more technical can pull that data out directly from the web browser. You really cannot protect against this.