Weekly questions list

I am adherent to Marshall Goldsmiths daily questions. This means today I have an excel spread sheet with a list of questions that I answer every day with a value of 1-10. At the end of the week I have the average of the week and compare it to the week before.

Today I do this in google sheets and every Monday I make a new copy of the sheet, copy the weekly average to the previous weeks value column, delete all the values and start over.

I am convinced Coda can make this automatic and allow me to have much greater value than just a week by week view, but I am stuck. The automation seems limited. I would love to recreate my manual steps of creating a new table every week and the copying of items, but automations doesn’t seem to be able to do this.

I would love thoughts or suggestions. Maybe I can add new columns for the new week and auto hide columns and move around my average and last week information?

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I’d probably build from a seed similar to the below screenshots. Much here was for my own amusement :crazy_face:. Two key takeaways:

  1. Break your heretofore two dimensional spreadsheet into relational tables.
  2. Let incremental rows work for you.

You can get a ton of mileage and automation out of this set up (I think).


Okay, so my solution is ridiculously low key and simple compared to Ander’s, but I built basically the same thing for a slightly different purpose using buttons because I also couldn’t get the automation to work for me the way I wanted them to.

So, if you’re really just looking for a simple numbers type view then you could use it as a jumping off point to build it how you wanted. I basically created the table with the questions and days then put in the total column at the end. Next I created a new table with a column for each week and created corresponding buttons in the writing surface that got the average of the numbers you put in the first table. I also created a button that would clear your numbers from the first table so you wouldn’t have to keep copying/recreating your table every week. As long as you remember not to hit the wrong week’s button then at the end of the month you’ll have your averages for each week in one table. I also created a button that would clear the month’s numbers as well. But before you clear you’ll want to keep them! I simple copy and pasted them to another section. (You have to copy/paste and not make a view because you want the data to be un-linked from the original table so it doesn’t keep changing every time you hit a button.) If it was mine I would have each year and each month under it with a copy of each week’s table and at the end a copy of the monthly average. Then, of course you could create other tables or views you wanted based on how specific you documented the days/weeks, etc.

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