When exporting as PDF, the font is changed and Chinese characters are displayed


When attempting to export a document as a PDF, a Chinese font that does not include Japanese kanji is applied, resulting in a PDF that cannot be provided externally within Japan.

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The cause of this problem is explained in the following link: Your code displays Japanese wrong | Your Code Displays Japanese Wrong

To add a brief explanation, although kanji characters look similar, if kanji from different countries are mixed together, it will not be accepted as “readable” not only in business settings but also among friends.
This is what I mean by a PDF that cannot be provided externally.

I will attach an image showing the changes in kanji before and after exporting.

Before export:

After PDF export:

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To clarify, what is being changed during the PDF export is the font of the exported PDF document.

The font of the original document on the Coda side is not being changed.