When new row is created automatically create name for given row

I haven’t been able to figure this out but it seems simple enough. Whenever clicking the new row icon in a table. I am looking for the name of that row to be named A1
then upon clicking and creating a new row it names it A2 and A3 and so on.

In addition to this I want the date column to also auto generate on today’s date whenever the new row is clicked. The issue I have run into is that when I create a formula doing this it renames all the currently saved dates on my table. Is there a way to create a formula that says “if blank” enter today’s date “if filled” do nothing

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It sounds like your problems will be solved using the “Value for new rows” option within a column.

Here for example is how you can solve your date issue. It will apply the current days date to any newly created rows.

As far as creating a row named A1 and then A2, there are multiple ways to do that

Way 1
format({1}{2}, "A",thisRow.rowID))
The downside of this is that every row gets a new RowID based on when it was created. So if you ever delete rows, all the numbers get messed up (and by messed up I mean you might have A1, A2, and then it could skip to A100 depending on what rows have historically been created/deleted)

Way 2
format({1}{2}, "A", thisTable.Find(thisRow)). This should essentially number your rows so even if you delete rows, it will also keep a sequential numbered list.

Way 3
If you want to utilize the “Value for New rows” feature because you want to rename the rows after the fact, you can write a formula like this
But that also has its downsides, because if you create the row above, delete a random row, then create a new row again you will have two different A44 rows.

I can honestly think of a couple more ways to go about this that all have unique pros/cons. It honestly just depends on your specific use case and what you are looking to do. Feel free to shoot over more information though and I can help out!

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Thank you so much Scott! Super straight forward answer, it really helped me out

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