Which formula to use to display a column which matches the value of another column

I have created a table which includes all marketing collaterals and media files of a company as well as the master files from which the marketing collaterals have been created (Display column “Marketing file*”). Another column (Input & master files) looks up to the display column “Marketing file*”. In the screenshot below the first two rows show the brochures (blue color) and the corresponding master file (orange color). I want to display the entry of the “Published link” column in the column “Published link master file” through a formula, but have not been successful. The result would be for the first two rows that you see the Brochures, the corresponding master file (the same for both brochures), and the Published link. The table name is “Marketing files”
Can anybody help to solve this?

No need for formulas if I understand you correctly.

Select Column 3 to show the Link value of the Column 2 reference.

Change the column type again, this time just select normal Text to show the actual link. The previous selection will stay because it’s a formula under the hood.


Works for multiple selections too

The actual formula is just thisRow.[Column 2].Link

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Rickard. I will check later in detail. Do you have a link to your Demo Doc?

Works. Thank you for your quick support, Rickard.

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