Yearly calendar view

It would allow for a quick overview of the year, very useful for tracking habits.

This screenshot is from google calendar, I do have events on this calendar but I am unable to get any information from this view, so its’s only somewhat useful for navigation.

Now this screenshot is another yearly calendar view that is super insightful, especially for tasks or habits that you do daily.
For example: If you track you work with time tracking tools, you could easily and beautifully see, during what periods of the year you were working and more importantly how much (the darker the color, the more hours you spent working).

Now this is a monthly view from my all time favorite habit tracking apps (HabitNow) where a day is colored based on whether you hit the goal or not.
Your “goal” is to poop less than 3 times per day.

  • Green - You pooped < 3 times per day
  • Red - You pooped > 3 times per day
  • Yellow - No data entry
    I think this would be best when implemented into the yearly view (Google calendar example) Just to add at least some useful information.

What I would personally do is take the design of the Google Calendar, display information like the calendar from the second screenshot and add functionality of the third.

Not a necessity, just me daydreaming, BUT add it to the long term list though, once you decide to improve the calendar view feature.