2 columns layout display on smart phones weird


I just realized that when I use 2 columns layout it displays on mobile phones completely hectic.

I made some print screen. I use android phone and chrome browser.

Also images in tables look weird.

Any idea what’s wrong??


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Hey Tamas,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This appears to be an issue with the way our mobile app is rendering canvas columns.

Do you mind opening a support chat and sending us a link to your doc for review? I’ll get more eyes on this for you.


Warm Regards,

I just read this now. I have sent a contact support chat message. But then I realized I already erased 2 columns so it looks better on mobile. However on another doc it looks okay now! Maybe you fixed it already. :slight_smile:

This still has 2 columns and it looks okay now on Mobile

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