(2) filters on a table

I currently have a table that is grouped by month, and type of panel (EP. IP. FP).

This is currently set up in a chart view;

I can set up a filter like such that sums up all of the EPs, IPs, &FPs.

[Monthly Breakdown].Filter([Type Panel]=EPs).[LF Count].Sum()

How do I add one more layer, so it says if the month breakdown is Jan 24, it will just sum those values?
My thinking is something like such, but this does not work;

[Monthly Breakdown].Filter([Type Panel]=EPs).[LF Count].Sum() And([Monthly Breakdown].Filter([Month Breakdown]=“Jan 2024”)

Hey @Erik_Andersson1,

You may be able to adjust the formula to be something like this:

[Monthly Breakdown].Filter([Type Panel]=EPs AND [Month Breakdown]=“Jan 2024”).[LF Count].Sum()

But I don’t know what the setup is on the table to help parcel out the data. The other thing you can try is put everything into an IF or SwitchIF() formula and then breakdown the data. I hope that helps.


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