2 Way Slack Coda Integration

Hey There Coda Community,

I am trying to Integrate Slack and Coda.

The above screenshot is an example of what i am trying to do.

Basically this is how it is supposed to work :

  1. The user will press the “Get Status Update” button, this button will automatically send a Slack message to the user specified in the button (i manage to do this already)
  2. When that user who received the slack message previously in step 1 replied to the message. The answer will be Posted in the “Today’s Update” Column. (Is it possible to do this ?)

Can anyone help ?

Here is a link to the Doc

Thank you very much

Hi @M_Hermi,

This is a great idea, but not possible currently. For now, our response from the a successful posting of a slack message from coda to slack is “200” to show it completed, but it’s not an id or message url that we can reference for updates after that.

I can definitely see how this would be helpful and will add it to our requests.