A few suggestions after trying out the wider column beta

Hey all. Loving the new update for wider page layouts. I’ve actually spent most of my morning re-designing aspects of my project manager with it.

A few suggestions I have come up with based on my time testing the tool so far:

  1. The final step to making my layouts pretty is having a large chart that summarises the more technical data below. However with the current restrictions its impossible to make a 1 column layout match the width of a 2 column layout that is below it.

  1. The UI at the top looks a bit weird to me when everything is using the new wider layout. I’m wondering if everything on the page is of the same width could that UI be moved as well?

Hope this helps!

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I totally agree with you concerning the place that takes the elements like the outline which reserves a big part even if we don’t necessarily use it.

A solution would be to add it in the right part where we find the options, we could even enlarge it a little but almost 1/3 of the page seems huge and does not allow the placement of more than 3 columns.



Good points Thierry!