A location to archive deleted rows

Hi, is there currently a way to archive deleted rows and store them somewhere?

The use case I’m talking about is this:

Someone from the team accidentally deletes a row, then realises 5 minutes later that he needs that info after all. Now the only way I saw to recover the info is to go to the version history, or click undo. Both can be impractical if the users are not very tech savvy.

Is there a way (for example with automations, or any other way) to copy these rows to a different table for example “Archived”, which could be checked whenever required?


Personally I use an “Archive” bool that I filter on.

In one of my doc (See the section “Tracker” > [Logs] and the section “Archives”), I’ve used a duplicated table and buttons to create an “archive system” but I think it depends on how you want to archive your table. The simple solution of @GJ_Roelofs might just be enough :wink:

With the advent of the “displaying tables in multiple docs” feature it might actually be interesting to copy them to different documents completely. This way they also don’t clutter up search.

I agree :grin: !
I’m impatiently waiting to be able to test that up-coming feature :grin: !
It’s on my top priority list for updating the doc I shared above as I hope it could make it a little less heavy than it actually is :wink: . (Even though it will be, if I remember correctly, a “Premium feature” so not necessarily accessible to everyone)