A simple horizontal rule

I’m big on layout and readability of documents, and look forward to Coda expanding it’s options for this.

One thing I’ve always liked to use in documents (Google Docs etc) is the horizontal rule, so I created one via a variable using the Rectangle() formula. Simple, and maybe obvious, but I’m sure there might be some users out there who might find the tip useful like me :slight_smile:

I used the settings of: Rectangle(1000,1,"#BDBDBD") and gave the variable a name of ‘hrule’ so now it’s very quick and easy to add a new one.

Now would be a good time to suggest the idea of being able to set ‘global user variables’? Perhaps a tickbox when naming a variable to say whether this variable should be available across all your docs (so in this case I wouldn’t have to make the =hrule variable on each separate doc).

Loving the potential of Coda :smiley:


This is pretty cool Josh. Rectangle looks all simple but has potential, doesn’t it?
I do like your idea of global user variables. Got me thinking about how this would work across collaborative docs.

I totally agree with the need for a global variables set up.
Either creating a specific document that would contain all my variables, then be able to fetch it from any other documents, or a Coda specific section in user settings where we would create those variables.


+1 for this idea. This is akin to the personal.xlsb file one uses in Excel to maintain functions and macros across workbooks.


Yeah, I can imagine it being a little tricky to work in from a technical standpoint!

+1 on this idea.

Also, if you are part of an organization or company this could be expanded to global variables for that entire organization.

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Clever! You can also now create a horizontal rule, albeit a lighter-grey one, by typing 3 consecutive n-dashes/hyphens and then hitting the space bar. :slightly_smiling_face:

Coda seems to support some (but not?) all Markdown markup. :man_shrugging:


Wow, this worked! Thanks for posting this. Really needed a divider.

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